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Vision Books International

250 Reasons to Quit Smoking                        ISBN: 978-1565500211
Who’s That Whale?                                             ISBN: 1-56550-026-1
Who Offended You?                                           ISBN: 978-1565500181
What Holds the Family Together?                 ISBN: 978-0965811361
From Sad Beginnings to Happy Endings      ISBN: 978-1565500280
New Beginnings                                                   ISBN: 978-0965811347

Theophilus - Real Talk                                      Album Design

Buena Vista Games    
Epic Mickey                                                         Concept and Visual Development

Westbow Press
The Chosen Oak                                                ISBN: 978-1490855721
 The Empty Hook                                              ISBN: 978-1449778194
The Empty Hook Coloring Book                   ISBN: 978-1-61953-093-5
The ABC’s of Faith                                             ISBN: 978-1973632740

Disney Publishing Worldwide
Disney Doodles                                                ISBN: 978DPWVDPB692

Castle Build It
                  Cinderella                                         ISBN: 978-1-78741-566-9
                  Beauty and the Beast
                  The Little Mermaid

CSAP Learning Art Pools
                 Marvel Avengers
                 Cars 3
                 Disney Junior
                 Finding Dory
                 Frozen 2
                 Incredibles 2
                 The Lion King
                 Star Wars 
                 Disney Princess
                 Standard Character
                 Toy Story 4
Discovery Books
 Finding Dory                                     ISBN: 978-1541532724
 Cars                                                    ISBN: 978-1541542501
 Frozen                                               ISBN: 978-1541532687
 Toy Story                                          ISBN: 978-1541554900
 Incredibles                                       ISBN: 978-1541554894
 Moana                                               ISBN: 978-1541532762
 Mulan                                                ISBN: 978-1541573895
 Coco                                                   ISBN: 978-1541578272

Disney Learning Branding Guidelines

Disney Princess Big Book of Stories and Fun                                                 ISBN: 978-148475689-8
Disney Tsum Tsum Big Book of Fun                                                                  ISBN: 978-136-801070-2
Marvel Big Book of Stories and Fun                                                                   ISBN: 978-136801069-6

Disney Pixar Friendship Stories                                                                         ISBN: 978-148478265-1
Art of Coloring:  Star Wars 100 Images to inspire Creativity                    ISBN: 978-136800026-0
The Art of Mickey Mouse                                                                                      ISBN: 978-1368011242
The Art of Minnie Mouse                                                                                       ISBN: 978-1484767733
The Art of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse         ISBN: 978-1368028752
Once Upon a Time: Regina Rising                                                                       ISBN: 978-1484787762

Farmers Insurance 2012 Advertising Campaign 
TV Commercials - Chalk Board Artist
Print Ads - Chalk Board Artist
Tournament of Roses Parade Float - Concept Design
Coloring Book - Illustration and Activity Concepts

Jackalope Junction

Character Design

Figures In History posters           Internal Publication


Discovery Books
 Cars                                                    ISBN: 978-1541542501
 Moana                                               ISBN: 978-1541532762
 Mulan                                                ISBN: 978-1541573895
 Coco                                                   ISBN: 978-1541578272

Film / Animation
Amazon Studios
Susperia – Amazon logo intro - Dan Perri Productions

Dreamworks SKG
Kung Fu Panda

OK Go - All Together Now               
Animation Producer, Animator

Kidspace Children’s Museum
13 Days of Halloween - Telly Award Winner “Gold”

Fitness Business Summit

Introduction animation and story video  2016

​Introduction animation and story video  2017

Guest Speaker / Presenter
Kidspace Children’s Museum

LA Unified Enrichment Program Guest Instructor

Playful Learning Lab - Playfest 
Guest presenter 2019

Guest presenter 2020
Guest Presenter 2021

Volunteer Work

City of Hope 

Disney Family Picnic - Learn to Draw 2019

Family Picnic - Sketch Artist 2017

​Family Picnic - Sketch Artist 2018

​Family Picnic - Sketch Artist 2019

Simi Valley Unified School District

Guest Speaker 2016

​Guest Speaker 2017

Guest Speaker 2018

​Guest Speaker 2019​