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Scott T. Cook  


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The journey is just as important as the destination

Scott created Art•Is•In Life in response to so many people requesting that he document his creative process for them to watch, and enjoy the journey not just the final product.  

Launched in January of 2023 with a growing catalog of various short form content videos about a variety of creative explorations, it is Scott's hope to grow the brand into something more than just a video diary, but of produced creative challenges and explorations. Imagine a series with elements of Gordon Ramsay's Uncharted, mixed with Josh Gates' Expedition Unknown, flavored with an artist centered theme, led by a host skilled enough to learn about and face the challenge.  

Art•Is•In Life represents taking the first step into an idealized future goal, doing what one can do to move an idea forward, one video at a time.

Scott T. Cook