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Scott Cook, Senior Creative, Product Development

"Due to the modularization proposal I proposed in subsequent years, this product has now changed the way we look at CSAP and C&A catalog assets; and has quantifiably raised the bar on the quality of the work now being done for those libraries. 

I have not only continued to create art for these growing pools, but I have also overseen and managed numerous outside artists and agencies, working with editors in the completion of this content." 

Scott Cook - Excerpt from 2018 End of Year Summary and Review

This new business model has allowed Disney Publishing and Disney Learning specifically, to target Learning licensee's needs beyond the scope of the standard franchise storybook without the need to download the entire franchise story catalog of assets. By allowing for new learning centric content to be created in the "plausible" universe of that franchise, it allows licensees more flexibility in their ability to teach, while keeping the quality and art generation the responsibility of the team of Disney Storybook artists rather than a third party attempt that would need extensive studio review and approval.


This new flexibility also breaks users loose from the printed page by allowing for assets to be created with a multimedia venue in mind. Now content can be created with motion graphics and limited animation as the end product rather than just print. To that end, Scott was also instrumental in developing the toolkit and guidelines to instruct licensees on the proper use of art assets in motion. While he wrote the majority of the toolkit, he was also helping spearhead the Disney "Road to Approval" series now in use by the global operations team across all of publishing.

Going beyond the limitations of the printed page