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Scott T. Cook  


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Human Skull Kit - Coming Soon

Assemble an unmatched world of CURIOSITIES

Rhinoceros Beetle Kit - Coming Soon

Dragonfly Kit - Available

Biplane Kit - Available

What started as a conversation with Disney Imagineer Mike Bishop back in 2018, turned into a unique little side hustle that continues to grow with now 4 unique kits to its catalog.

When Scott was just starting out, he worked for a little known, but widely recognized company called Lasercraft.  While working as a concept artist in the custom paper division, he worked on concepts for such partners as Lucasfilm, Dayspring, Mattel, and Jim Henson Studios.

During that time of learning, Scott created a little airplane model that could attach to a fan by a string. Because of its design, it would glide on the breeze as if were flying. This concept led the way to what is now Perfect Match.

With the desire to create all sorts of things in miniature paper models as a hobby, Scott took the matchbox design notion literally by using real matchboxes and matches as a part of his kit design and product gimmick. 

Each kit comes complete with laser cut paper pieces, assembly instructions, a link to an assembly video as well as a real match to be used as part of the display stand.

Scott exclusively engineers, creates, produces and manufactures these kits in his spare time.