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Scott T. Cook  


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"I will forever have my jaw on the ground for the 3D princess castles you created. Absolutely stunning!."

Lauren Burniac - Director, Content Packaging at Disney Publishing Worldwide

"An additional OPA assignment to review motion graphics from CSAP pools, 3D animation, and app UI/UX for all publishing has also been made part of his team's responsibility. With the recent addition of an illustrator/digital designer to assist with this load."  "I am confident he will excel in this role that will bode well for his future with the company."
Tom DIGenova - Art Director, Direct Manager 

​​• BFA from acclaimed Cal Arts Character Animation program

• 10+ years experience providing visual feedback, guidance and direction to help licensees deliver
 quality and franchise authenticity across all Disney Learning content venues via OPA system

• History of being an important contributor on award winning projects across multiple venues

• Strong understanding of form, materials, composition, perspective, color, anatomy, and lighting.

• Problem-solver for franchise design challenges - always working towards adding value

• Personal and professional excellence is a high priority no matter the task

• Does what is necessary to get the job done right the first time​​

​• Disney Legacy Award recipient (unprecedented within DPW)

"I know him to be a strong Disney visual artist and illustrator, concerned with the guiding principles found in our Disney storytelling legacy. He is a hard working artist who is concerned for quality."
Kenneth Shue - VP Art and Design, Disney Publishing Worldwide

"When you get a chance, can you send me a pdf of our entire Star Wars Learning Art Pool you created? I want to show it off to the folks here."

Mike Siglain - Director of Creative Franchise Disney / Lucasfilm


"Scott is a master storyteller for a company for whom storytelling is their core competency."

Adam Savage - television personality, producer, special effects designer and fabricator, actor, educator