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Scott Cook, Illustrator, Paper Engineer

I was charged with the unique challenge of engineering a popularly solicited global product based on a newly created initiative involving the iconic castles in the Princess franchise. The task was to engineer from scratch, a rigid board build for kids 6-9 with approximately 50 pieces, that would work in concert with successive castle sets, that needed no glue or adhesive. Not only did I meet those specs, I did it one better, I engineered it so the castle would open up much like a doll house to display the beautiful interiors created by the art team, rather than it being a locked and closed build.  I think I created unexpected excitement around the project when I manufactured a nicely proportioned miniature paper version of Cinderella’s castle that was cut by hand and fit in the palm of my hand. It was a ¼ scale of the final version which when realized at full scale, would stand 2 ft tall. 

Now was a great opportunity to team up with our partners in Imagineering as they are the actual castle builders and model makers in this company. Thanks to Catherine Wood’s help and contacts with Scott Trowbridge over at Imagineering, I was able to meet up with and become fast friends with Mike Bishop, a seasoned Imagineer, and model maker. We were able to produce several full-size laser-cut prototypes, which have now taken DCPIP by storm! I am very excited to be a part of this project. 

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Scott Cook, Castle Build It, Illustrator, Paper Engineer
Scott Cook, Illustrator, Paper Engineer

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