Scott T. Cook

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Scott T. Cook  


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"Scott brings a multitude of skills into work each day; whether it be his extreme talent as an artist, from drawing, painting and paper arts, through to his very strong graphic design skills in creating catalogues, presentations and other materials."
Anja McClellan - Director Educational Content, Disney Learning

"Oh wow! It might have taken a lot of time and hardwork to make - but it looks like a miracle created it"

Sydney Suskind - Global Brand & Creative Strategy Lead, BYJU'S, BYJU'S Learning

• 30+ years as a professional creative across multiple disciplines and mediums

• Deep curiosity drives personal and professional development

• Estimates and uses time accurately and effectively to meet deadlines

• Doesn't fluster under pressure or tight deadlines

• Anticipates potential limitations and acts to eliminate them accordingly

• Portfolio demonstrates a broad range of interests and skillsets

​• Fearlessly approaches the unknown with respect

• Prioritizes learning as a career goal

• Acts to elevate other team members skillsets when given the opportunity

• Past Clients: Disney, Dreamworks, Lucasfilm, Marvel, Pixar, Rolling Stone, Buena Vista Games, Dayspring, OKGO, Kidspace Children's Museum, Guy Fieri, Scripps, St. Thomas University, The Boston Museum of Art, Mervyn's, LAUSD, SRUSD, SVUSD, City of Hope

“I’ve always been able to see that Scott is dedicated to quality and magic, and he spends his time serving it up daily. We’re very lucky he's on the team.”
Kenneth Shue - VP Art and Design, Disney Publishing Worldwide


"Scott is brilliant! We, as a team, have learned so much about Disney, art and design from the notes that he provides during reviews. The combination of being a skilled reviewer and a super-creative individual, makes him a valued member of every team that he works with.
Fatima Kahn - Production Manager Byju’s Learning