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Scott T. Cook  

The Disney Learn to Draw Series, or “Doodle Art Pool” as it was originally called, was released into the marketplace in 2019 with the ISBN #978DPWVDPB692.  The program has affectionately evolved into Disney Doodles as the full product offering is now becoming available to the public.

The program is designed with three major components, print, video, and live performance. All venues utilize my proprietary "Landmark Method" which teaches the artist to recognize the importance of shapes and their relationship to each other in the effort to reproduce a successful character likeness.

These Disney character representations are not meant to be "on model" as the studio would call it, but rather a simplified rendering of the character with an identifiable likeness created without any erasures or under drawing.

The first phase consists of 100 characters out of a 900 character catalog.

Disney Doodles - 100 characters to draw in 6 steps or less

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Scott Cook, Disney Doodles
Scott Cook, Disney Doodles