Scott T. Cook



​• Provides effective creation and / or oversight on a multitude of production channels 

• Strong ability to quickly pivot to meet changes in business or design goals

• Excellent artistic skill sets in both classical and digital mediums - Adobe Certified user

• Firm understanding of art & design principles for both creative and franchise applications

• Solid foundational art education in addition to 25 years job experience

• Can work effectively from concept to completion setting goals and benchmarks along the way

​• Utilizes and values synergy between teams when available and appropriate

​• Broad knowledge and ability to execute various art styles.

"Whenever someone possesses such a wide range of unfettered ideation skills, many have trouble believing that someone just "turned out that way".
Adam Savage - television personality and producer, special effects designer and fabricator, actor, educator

"I've always thought that you're way too talented to be locked into their formulae."
Burt Weinstein-President at Best Light Photography and Productions

"Scott has excelled on many fronts over this past year, once again defying any one definitive job title."

"His list of accomplishments as an illustrator, creator and volunteer are vast yet needn't all be repeated from his summary."

"Lastly, but certainly not to be minimized, is Scott's generosity regarding his voluntEARS commitments. He has frequently participated in multiple events across the calendar year and is a praised and respected teacher in the RISE program and at the City of Hope. He is always ready to brainstorm and actively participates in all
team building opportunities. So much so that this year he earned 'The Walt Disney Legacy Award' – a rarely equaled accomplishment."

​​Tom DIGenova - Art Director, Direct Manager

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Scott T. Cook  


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"Isn’t it a real challenge to somehow convey all you’re capable of when you’ve lived it and proven it for so many years?"
Mike Bishop - Manager, Dimensional Design, Disney Imagineering